Atlassian Remote Summit: What is new / expected for Atlassian Data Center

Welcome to this special Remote Summit edition of our blog post covering what we believe are the highlights of Atlassian Remote Summit 2020.

This blog is a series of three (DataCenter / Server and Cloud) where we will give a round-up of Atlassians key news during last week Remote Summit. The summit is a yearly event where Atlassian shares the latest and future developments with their customers and partners. As a Platinum Atlassian partner in the Netherlands we’re fully committed to Atlassian’s products and always visit the Summit to get the latest insight. We went through the presentations and compiled a list of noteworthy developments that we would like to share with you. Additionally we also give our experts opinion on these topics. We hope you appreciate and like the news and that it will bring you value.

Instant upgrade available to Data Center

We noticed this feature was already available before but now it has been made official. Customers without the need for high availability can upgrade to Data Center functionality instantly by pasting a Data Center license into their product. So users who want to make use of the enterprise features but have no need to build a high-availability infrastructure with multiple nodes, database and load balancers can do so with the simple upgrade of license in their current server offering. Unlocking enterprise features as mentioned in the next chapter. At TMC ALM we believe this is a valuable addition for customers who are exploring the benefits of the Atlassian Data Center offerings, but who are not ready yet to do a full implementation. This step in between makes sure there is a solid foundation from which can be build later on. 

More Enterprise features for Data Center

With a Data Center license, a customer can make use of the enterprise options of the Atlassian software. Atlassian is making sure Data Center is the Enterprise platform for many years to come. Looking at the the content of the Atlassian remote summit from a partner perspective, we can conclude that Atlassian is investing heavily in their Data Center / Enterprise products. We believe many good things are ahead.  Here is a recap of what has been announced thus far. 

  • New way to deploy Data Center Clustering is now an optional feature of Data Center. Customers without the need for high availability can access Data Center features without having to deploy a clustered architecture. This means you can run Data Center with the exact same architecture you’re currently using in Server.
  • Expanding areas of Data Center As Atlassian Data Center has evolved, also the original value of scale, high availability and performance are expanding to new areas like infrastructure & operations, data & insights, and more. One of the more recent areas that has been expanding is security, compliance, and governance.
  • Advanced user management capabilities which will cater for
    • authentication (support for OpenID),
    • authorization (OAuth 2.0 support )COMING SOON
    • user provisioning (JIT and SCIM supportCOMING SOON
  • Advanced auditing COMING SOON caters for enterprises to help meet their corporate policies on information security and compliance. Basically keeping track, log and analyze all the action that are taking place in their instance. More details can be found on the Atlassian website : https://partners.atlassian.com/display/news/2020/04/06/Introducing+advanced+auditing+for+Data+Center. Advanced auditing in Data Center includes extended event coverage and new capabilities such as file externalization, audit delegation, and an enhanced UI, advanced auditing is an exciting new tool for the enterprise toolbelt. Learn more in this webinar.
  • Rate Limiting to prevent integrations and scripts grinding Jira to a halt. Jira administrators can now control the amount of REST calls that can be made ensuring productivity and performance.

As you can see, a lot of functionality is or will be implemented in Data Center to ensure that companies ranging from medium size to Enterprises can use the Atlassian products and remain productive, safe and compliant. As a partner we see a lot of our customers making the switch to the Data Center products of Atlassian. Are you considiring a switch as well? Or are you curious what Data Center can do for you? Contact us to start the conversation about what Atlassian Data Center products can do for you! 

Is this all?


Ofcourse all Data Center users make use of the improvements coming up on the server side. We have described these in a separate blog for our server clients, link here : “Atlassian Remote Summit: What is new / expected for Atlassian Server”


If you still have any question after reading this blog. Feel free to reach out to us if you want to receive more information about our services. As one of the few Atlassian Platinum Partners in the Netherlands we have a deep knowledge and experience with Atlassian products. Remember to contact us if you have any (support) questions.