Changes to JIRA Cloud REST API improving User Privacy

25 februari 2019

Changes to JIRA Cloud REST API improving User Privacy

Atlassian is updating their JIRA Cloud offering, starting this year, to improve user privacy in accordance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

With the blog post we would like to inform our cloud customers on the changes and impact this will have on their tooling and user experience.

We are happy to see that Atlassian is fully committed to comply with these new EU rules and is therefore updating it’s REST API interfaces.

One of the first changes reflecting the new policies is the JIRA Cloud REST API getting updated. Later on relevant RESI API changes will be consolidated on all other Atlassian Cloud offerings.

Basically personally identifiable information fields will be removed from various REST API’s.

As a result some attributes will become obsolete or are only usable depending on the users’s privacy setting. 

A complete list of all the affected attributes for the REST API endpoints can be found in the JIRA Cloud platform for developers : here 

Example:  the [~username] will be replaced with the [~accountId] , removing the username as the identifier. It’s expected that the accountId will be used as the primary identifier for the user.

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Is this relevant for me?

This announcement is applicable for JIRA cloud users interacting with the instance using the REST API. With the new GDPR in effect it is expected that the account ID is used as the primary identifier instead of the username.

It also means that, per 29 Mach 2019, personal data used to identify users, such as username and userkey will be replaced by the Atlassian account ID. 

Also the visibility of other personal data, such as e-mail, can be restricted by the site administrator in case of a managed account. This is when the Jira Cloud instance is connected to a corporate identity service to manage users on a corporate level through Atlassian Access. For example the  Microsoft Identify Services.

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