Kennedy march

22 mei 2018
Meeting milestones in time can be though,
Meeting milestones in time can be though,

Meeting milestones in time can be tough


Earlier this year, I walked the J.F. Kennedy march in Melderslo, a small town in the Netherlands. With a few hundreds people coming from different places and cultures in the Netherlands and abroad at the start we began to walk, all with the same dream, to make it to the finish.

A long the road, people are getting to know each other and beautiful conversations happen. No matter the background or culture, they find themselves in the same interests and hobbies. As the time goes by, many kilometers are traveled and yet so many to come. At an area without trees or shelters, it starts raining. Just one, heavy, cold rain shower. Legs cool down and become sour after a while. Nevertheless, the participants help each other and finally the finish is in reach. Music and spectators ensure a good atmosphere. Late in the evening, we made it to the finish where we closed the night with a small celebration.

Doing a project has many similarities. Project members have different roles in a project and often also different educations and cultural backgrounds. However, they have only one common goal, to end the project with success. All different interests come together and along the journey people stick together and help each other. Meeting milestones in time can be though, but by fraternization and helping each other it will be a lot of fun. In the end, of course, never forget to celebrate your victories!