TMC Atlassian health check

23 april 2018
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TMC Atlassian health check

  • Is your Atlassian tooling future-proof?
  • Are your tools running stable and optimal?
  • Are you enjoying all the benefits of your Atlassian tooling?

TMC, an Atlassian Enterprise Solution partner, sees many Atlassian users and (system) administrators struggling with the Atlassian environment.

Especially in times of change, it can be be difficult to keep up with the latest developments. For these times TMC offers a Health Check for your Atlassian related tooling.

During this Health Check TMC will identify areas where your tooling can be improved. And as a result, TMC will give you peace of mind.

You will get insight in the (future) vulnerabilities and improvements areas relating to infrastructure, configuration and security of your Atlassian environment.

This Health Check is applicable for the Atlassian products:

  • Confluence
  • Bitbucket
  • JIRA
  • Bamboo

When to consider a Health Check?

  • Users complain that the tooling is running slow
  • The company is growing, and you consider to up-scale the use of Atlassian applications
  • Taking a new Atlassian tool or Atlassian app into the production environment
  • Experience unexpected behavior of the Atlassian application or even an application crash
  • Like to merge multiple Atlassian applications, for example 2 JIRA instances to 1 instance
  • Unsure how to secure the Atlassian tooling

The TMC approach
TMC will analyse your environment and have discussions with stakeholders to:

  • Investigate the possible bottlenecks in your : Infrastructure / Application / Security
  • Measure the application performance

After the health check is finished, a Health Check Report will be delivered with the improvements and tips.
TMC offers additional support with regard to implementing the improvements and tips.

Your benefits
After the TMC Atlassian Health Check, you will have peace of mind because you are aware of the risks, vulnerabilities and opportunities of your Atlassian related tooling.

This will enable you to enjoy all the benefits your Atlassian tooling has to offer.

Please also feel free to reach out to us with any questions you might have regarding ALM or Atlassian tools. Our contact details can be found here.