Atlassian is accelerating our journey to the cloud

21 oktober 2020

Cloud first

Over the past few years, Atlassian has made it no secret that their focus is on becoming a ‘cloud-first company’. Atlassian is known for spending a significant amount of their resources on R&D. In the past few years, the majority of these investments have been made towards cloud-related development. Resulting in a lot of improvements to their cloud offering. Still, it came as a surprise for us and the entire Atlassian partner community when Atlassian announced the end of their server product support within a couple of years. The official announcement blog by Atlassian, including all dates and details, can be found here:    

Unfortunately, this information was leaked to the public within moments after it was made available to the Atlassian partner community. This gave us barely time to gather information and prepare our communications towards our valued customers.

Key takeaways

During the last couple of days, we have been in close contact with Atlassian, the partner community and our customers to share information, concerns and opportunities. Below you can find some key takeaways which we want to share with you.

 ·         This change won’t happen overnight. Server products will become end-of-life in 2024 for existing customers, as per February 2021, no new server licenses will be sold. The complete timeline can be found below.

·         Atlassian will treat their existing server customers and products with the respect and attention they deserve.

·         Atlassian assured us that they will put even more effort and resources in improving their cloud offering so that it becomes a feasible option for all their customers.

·         DataCenter products stay available ‘for a long time’ for Enterprises who want to remain using an on-premise solution.

·         New pricing plans for server are announced:

·         New pricing plans for Data Center are announced:

We are here to help

We have various resources available to support our server customers in defining and taking their next steps. We are happy to schedule an appointment with you to discuss the route forward and the implications for your organization. We understand these are uncertain times and we are here to help! Please contact us at to schedule a meeting or discuss how we can support you.

The complete server timeline

Valuable Atlassian resources

Atlassian migration program:

Atlassian cloud journey article:

Why Atlassian cloud:


Even though this is an announcement which can have a major impact on your organization and tool environment, we look forward to starting the conversation with you and explore how we can help you and move forward together. We are confident that Atlassian will provide us and our customers with the right tools, features and opportunities to collaborate even better and generate more value for ourselves, our teams, our companies, our customers and all our stakeholders.


Daan van der Stek

Director TMC Application Lifecycle Management