Get started with Docker

The Docker Fundamentals Training is an entry level training developed by TMC ALM for users who want to start working with Docker.

This interactive training enables the participants to get acquainted with the fundamentals of Docker and the basic operations that every developer should be aware of. Right from the start of this course, users will begin creating a set of applications in Docker containers, build customized images and store them in Docker Registry. Users will setup self hosted source code Git repository along with database and associate it with CI Systems like Jenkins. Users will learn how CI/CD works and see this in action right from all the changes being committed by a developer in a Git repository and build, publish and deploy this in the running production like container.

The training is a combination of theory and hands-on exercises. TMC ALM provides a virtual training environment in which these assignments can be completed.

Training takes ½ a day and can be provided in English or in Dutch.


  • The training covers the following topics
  • Introduction to Docker​
  • Understanding the Docker architecture​
  • Common use cases for using Docker​
  • Docker components​
  • Docker container​
  • Docker image​
  • Docker compose​
  • Docker volume​
  • Docker networking​

By the end of this training, a user will

  • Posses foundational knowledge of Docker
  • Assess the benefits of containerizing the application
  • Learn to use Docker engine features to create and manage containerized application
  • Know how to create an application using all the concepts learnt in the course.  A candidate will work on exercise right from the beginning and slowly build up a fully working dockerized application.

Who can benefit from this course?

  • People with little to no knowledge of Docker
  • Software Developer
  • Software Tester
  • DevOps Engineer or enthusiast
  • Configuration Managers
  • Pre-requisite:
  • No prior Docker knowledge is needed to follow this course
  • Participants need to have access to a notebook or desktop with an active internet connection
  • If joining from Windows, Putty installed.
  • If joining from Mac/Linux, shell terminal.

You can contact us for more information.