The target audience for this training consists of developers, architects and configuration managers that have experience with the Git basics and want to get more out of Git, want to know Git better, want to understand Git better or want to be able to resolve problematic situations.

The prerequisite of this training is that participants already know the commands: add, commit, branch, merge, push, pull, clone, fetch, status, diff, init, commit and tag.

This training does not explain what a repository is, what a remote repository is and how to work with local and remote repositories. Candidates looking for that information can obtain it in our Git Fundamentals training course.

  • The topics of this training are:
  • Changing history
  • Stashing
  • Cherry picking
  • Repository refactoring
  • Finding bugs
  • Duration: 1/2 day

By a combination of theory and practical use cases the attendees learn some best practices and commands (e.g. squash, amend, stash, cherry picking) to be able to understand challenges that will arise in Git. In the training the attendees will learn the steps they should take to solve problems Git users will encounter when using Git.

The training can be provided in Dutch or in English. Please contact us for pricing information or any other questions.

Location: Your company or TMC Eindhoven – High Tech Campus 96, Eindhoven