Next level Git met Bitbucket

The Bitbucket Administration Training will explain how to install, configure and maintain a Bitbucket instance.


To get the most out of this training it is important to have a basic knowledge about Git. We advise that everyone that wants to follow this training starts with our Git Fundamentals training.

The ratio between theory and exercises for this training is 70% / 30%.

The training covers the following topics:

  • Installation and system level configuration
    • Base URL
    • Databases
    • Mail Server
    • Clustering
  • Users, Groups and Authentication
    • Users & Groups
    • Global Permissions
    • User Directories
    • SSH Access
  • Application Integration
  • Repository Administration
    • Project, Repository and Branch permissions
    • Workflow – Branching Model
    • Hooks
    • Pull requests & Merge strategies
  • Support and analysis
    • Atlassian Support Tools
    • Logging and profiling

Duration of the training is 1/2 day

The training can be provided in Dutch or in English. Please contact us for pricing information or any other questions.